This is the official website of Uchida Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of press dies.

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Uchida's Reach Transcends National Boundaries

Japanese automobile makers are now producing many of their products at plants in the United States,
Republic of Canada and Europe. As Japanese automobile production movesoverseas,
Uchida's dies and the activities of its engineers are extending around the globe.
Uchida receives requests for technical cooperation directly from oveseas makers.
The Uchida name now stands for high technology worldwide, and is fast becoming a global brand.

3 Strengths for global operations

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    Development expertise

    Development expertise

    With Uchida's die, mass production of center pillar has been made possible by using super-high-tention steel(SPC980).Also the company research and develop new press molding with University Researchers together.

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    Cutting-edge production equipment

    Cutting-edge production equipment

    CAD/ CAM, CAE, Maching Center, Try press, quality and quantity of Plentiful facilities make it able to deal with high quality and short time period of delivery.

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    Top-level staff

    Top-level staff

    Concentrate in the transmission of technology and function to talented people of the next generation.They will be able to inherit press molding skills including Japanese' artisan spirits without compromise.

Global Network

Global Network
Overseas operations1

Overseas operations

We trade directly with Germany, France, and U.K makers in Europe.

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Global partners

Global partners

We made the technical tie-up with press molding makers of China and Korea and expended into the remarkable growth emerging nation's markets In China we have Local Corporation and have mainly implemented design works.

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