This is the official website of Uchida Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of press dies.

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Corporate Philosophy

― Corporate Motto ―

Staying a step ahead.

To quickly identify customer needs and offer proposals. To anticipate new processes, minimize loss, and improve productivity. To constantly accept new challenges with a clear understanding of conditions.

The business climate we function in today is in rapid flux. We are focusing all of our resources to transform Uchida in new ways. These resources span the intellectual (knowledge, experience, motivation, communication), physical (technological innovations), and financial (effective investment). When one overcomes a difficult challenge, an entirely new world awaits. Taking new steps forward will lead to Uchida's next stage of growth.

Management philosophy

  • Our company pursues every employee's happiness for developing technology,
    function and humanity with family management philosophy.
  • Also we establish a strong trustful relationship
    with customers as the best partner to the previous of unique value to customers.
  • We are humble and not arrogant which makes open square deals for coexistence
    and co-prosperity with customers.
  • We enduringly develop a gloval company to contribute toward a local community
    and the industry field with gratitude.

Product design

  • Development of human resources

    Development of human resources

    Uchida’s development of human resources enables acquisition of the skills and expertise needed for personal growth.

  • Continuous improvement

    Continuous improvement

    Each department constantly evaluates their own work to continuously improve processes and efficiency.

  • Inter-departmental cooperation

    Inter-departmental cooperation

    Close cooperation among the various departments makes it possible to provide customers with the highest quality at a lower cost and with shorter lead times.